Okay whoever said the bottom was really wrong …according to teengrowth.com sperm can live in the right environment for 3-7 days and it can survive outside the body as long as its warm enough for several hours……know think about all the possibilities with that!!!

Sperm has been known to survive for 4-5 days. Ten minutes in his pants isn’t going to kill it, and so if those sperm end up on his fingers and his fingers end up inside of you, you can become pregnant from those sperm. It just takes one of them to fertilize your egg.

Yes you can become pregnant. But it would seem to be unlikely. Once sperm leaves the penis, yes it can live to up to 5 days, but most of the time most of it dies pretty quickly. MOST OF IT. Remember, it only takes one sperm out of a thousand to fertiliza an egg!
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Normally, sperm dies after 1-3 minutes of being outside the body. 🙂