“The UGG boot is a very popular boot, but the EMU is much better quality.

The differences between UGG & EMU:
– EMU boots have a double interlock stitching, where as UGG boots only have single interlock stitching.
– EMU boots provide arch support, and the UGG are flat as a pancake.
– EMU outsoles are much more supportive in the heel and the toe (where the boot wears out the quickest)
– EMU outsoles are also a double layer of EVA, where as UGG boots only use a single layer of EVA, making the boot wear down twice as fast
– EMU boots are actually Australian, where UGG are not. They were originally, but they were bought out by an American company called Decker 15 years ago
– All wool and shearling that are in EMU boots come from Australia (even though the tag says “Made in China”, all material come from Australia and constructed in China), where as UGG boots are made from shearling that come from sheep in places such as Mongolia.
– The wool and shearling in EMU boots come from sheep that were grazed from grass. Where as UGG will take shearling from sheep in the mountains. The sheep that are grazed in the mountainous areas will have scarred or scratched skin, affecting the quality of the boot.

EMU are not “knock off” UGG boots. They’re just not UGG boots. Just as New Balance are not “knock off” Nike’s, they are simply New Balance.

There are TWO different types of lining in the EMU boots. One with wool (this is why everyone thinks they are knock off). Wool is what is shaved off a lamb or sheep and put into the boot.
The second type is shearling (this is frequently used in UGG boots), this is the lambs fur and the skin, which make them much warmer.

So by far the EMU boots a much better quality than UGG. The UGG boots are more popular because they have a very big company and do a lot more advertising than EMU.”