I am a guy and I have uggs but not boots. The slippers are fine.

They are not gay. I wear the “High Boys” UGG boots myself and I am not gay. The fur tickles my knees and is a delightful treat on warm winter evenings. They are very comfortable and I love wearing them as a cuddle with my partner in front of the fire.

Okay well Im not gay, but I bought the UGG slippers and I love them, very comfy…the boots? well what ever people want to wear let them wear it. I know straight kids who wear skinny girl jeans and they have girlfriends.

In my opinion if Ugg boots can be worn by men then real men can wear Ugg boots. This decision was made by the makers of Uggs. Now if you agree with Ugg Australia that’s great for you!

First off the people who said only gay people wear Uggs are really uneducated about the company, which was originally created for swimmers, surfers and other activities such as these. Sheep skin “boots” gained popularity after the First and Second World War, due to the insulating factors and warmth our bodies thrive for “of coarse.” Some people now wear these certain boots for fashion reasons, but of coarse Ugg is a very well known brand their not going to make ugly boots at $140 a pair, there are also winter boots and other types of Ugg Boots for men. The people above are wrong because they think there is only one kind of Ugg boots, which is the Classic Short but their are tons of others. If you want your feet to freeze to death in cheap Vans in the winter be my guest, I’ve been there. Also who cares what people think, If you see woman “mostly” with IPhones are you automatically going to not get one and stick with the basics? Pretty Obvious.