No Jocks for SwimmersSwimmers do not wear jocks because they would just get in the way and hinder probably kicking mechanics.

 Answer:There is no way a jock would interfere with kickin or anything else a swimmer does. they are even less restrictive than a speedo.
But the thing is a speedo will give you all the support you need for swimming. there is no need to wear a jock with a speedo. So if the question is about “swim teams” then no, none of them wear jocks because they wear speedos. But a swimmer style jockstrap is good for wearing under board shorts.
I know a lot of guys who wear them under there shorts at the beach/pool for “erection control” for when they check out the hot girls.
Also, you should wear a swimmer jock anytime you are diviing, jumping into the water, skiing, to give yourself support..anytime your body hits the water you run the risk of your testicles hitting as well and seeing “stars” or possibly a testiculr contorsion. Trust me after having one and some minor surgery and not to mention the pain I stay strapped when I am in the water.

 “jocks”, in the sense of the typical cotton jockstrap or athletic supporter, are completely useless for swimming, in any form.

The cotton/lycra construction of the jock immediately stretches out when soaked with water, providing absolutely no support whatsoever. In fact, they can become a hazard, as they stretch out enough to become entangled in the legs.

A “speedo” or swimming brief, is what you should wear, even under board shorts when surfing or the like. These are tight-fitting nylon/lycra briefs (of similar design to cotton brief underwear). By design, they are very form-fitting, and will firmly hold the genitals in place and protect them from damage. Also (and I speak from experience), a properly fitting speedo will generally not become embarrassing should the wearer experience an erection, as the speedo will not stretch enough for the erection to become prominent. They can feel a bit constricting in such situations, however.