It totally depends on the person and whether its a swimsuit or underwear! If youre 16-24, and FINE (perfect shape), with a TAN, and NO body hair (none at all), then ok tiny swimsuits like speedos, thongs, and gstrings are OK and actually HOT. I’ve seen some really hot young surfer boys at the Orlando and Disney water parks in tiny thong swimsuits and they were wicked hot. Blonde hair blue eyes no tan lines athletic body ….. Most young guyz dont have the confidence or the bodies to pull it off…but the ones that do shouldn’t be shy! Most of the girls that say they dont like boyz in thongs are talking about older guyz or maybe guyz w/ hotter bodies than they have LOLz. A lot of girls are overweight and pale themselves cant wear hot swimsuits so they bash boys that can, theyre either jealous or GAY! If you’re a girl and dont agree with me youre in denial! 😛 As for regular underwear, um yah wearing thongs as a guy is kinda WEIRD because that means you like the feel of a string up your butt (super gay). Swimsuits are different because obviously you’re trying to tan certain areas and show off what your mama gave ya! But I agree that if you’re not a teen hottie stick with the regular boxers for underwear and board shorts for swimsuit. Anyone that is old, out of shape, pale, hairy, or any combination of those…PLEASE COVER UP. We need our eyes. Thank you! 🙂