I’ve gotten most of my wardrobe from Thrift shops, Rescue Missions, Salvation Army stores.(they’re used to males buying female clothes and won’t make a scene.) Notes: Shoes- if they’re new; they probably hurt to wear or have tacks and other painful parts. Check sling backs for the elastic. It may be ready to snap. Dresses/skirts: Check zippers for ease of use and no broken teeth. Look at buttons (some may be missing-you can usually replace a top button with a ‘broach-type’ button.) A quick check for skirts is to put it to your waist, if it will go to either side of your natural waist; chances are that it will fit. Don’t think you’re going to squeeze into something smaller. It’s bad enough on a girl-MUCH worse on a male body. Lastly, take a cursory glance at the article front and back- are there any tears, stains, shredding seams? You may want to invest in a simple sewing machine. Mine has saved a few outfits and allowed me to reconstruct smaller dresses to fit. Good luck. After you have made your first few purchases; the rest become easier. Your anxiety will lessen, believe me.

Just walk in and look around for the stuff you want. If you want to try it on, do so and when you’ve got everything you want go to the sales register and pay. The employees shouldn’t ask questions as they should be impartial to who buys what.

Womens clothing probably isn’t going to fit a guy cause it is cut for a more curvy body


I am a guy ill first state that. i fit in to UK size 10 pants(hip hugging jeans) and size UK 12 tops/dresses/jackets etc. To buy clothes just go to the shop and get whatever you want as long as you pay the only thing anyone will ask is “do you want a bag”.
well at least that’s my experience.