The EU rules on imports from China mean that certain manufactured goods, including sunglasses, can be made in China stored for a certain period (usually 3-6months) and then re-sold as made in the EU country in question. This answers the Ray bans made in China vs Italy observation

Secondly the manufacturing processes used in China are as good as if not actually better (ie more modern machines) than used in Italy, which means the final product meets the highest quality standard.

My preference these days is that “made in China” is actually a sign of quality compared to the stuff made in certain European countries 10 years ago. nearly every high end manufacturer these days gets their good produced in China – it’s a guarantee of quality and design.

It’s only the Chinese designed goods, with no brand or history, at knock off prices that concern me. It will be interesting to see what happens to Volvo, owned by a Chinese company; I think the product will improve, much as Lenovo improved the IBM PC product.