the french people dress very elegant. its like wearing your Sunday church clothes. if its hot, you wear capris and maybe a short sleeve shirt. you might rarely wear some jeans, shorts, skirts, capris, etc. shirts are worn with a little short sleeve. not a long sleeve but not a tank top either.

That’s not true. The french don’t wear black suits with white shirts… I have no idea who came up with the answer above but he/she was clueless.

Paris is the fashion capital! Paris is in France! So obviously, France is fashionable and they dress like most of the people in the world….


French people dress like any other European people or like people in the US. You can go to France and see for yourself; you’d see people in jeans, t-shirts, capris, skirts, dresses, longsleeves, tracksuits…And of course SOME people in smart suits…but not everyone…

when i went 2 France people wore clothes just like we do. It’s not like were in way back then.