There are several brands of glue that are specifically formulated for bonding rhinestones to fabric. Some of the more common brand names are Beacon Gem-Tac, E6000, and Aleene’s Jewel-It. Other fabric glues that work are Beacon Fabri-Tac, Bond Fabric Glue Washable, Aleene’s Flexible Strechable, and Aleene’s OK To Wash It.
Beacon Gem-Tac is the least expensive, you only need a small amount, and it dries completely clear, which means no unsightly globs of glue around the rhinestones – just pure shimmer and shine. It’s easy to attach rhinestones with adhesives, but remember to: do a test on a spare piece of fabric, use glue that dries transparent, make sure to cover all edges of the stones to minimize them from peeling off, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and always wash with great care and on a low

Metal Settings
Tiffany settings enter from the back of the fabric and crimp over the stone on the front side. Rim settings are placed on the front of the fabric, over the stone, and crimped on the back side of the fabric. They are available in gold, silver, or black with engraved or smooth finishes. Several types of metal setting tools are available to fit on your particular application.

Many flatback rhinestones come with holes in them for attaching by traditional sewing methods. Rhinestones by the yard (eg. banding, chain, fabric) are often sewn on to costumes and apparel. Rhinestone buttons, patches, appliques and transfers are also available.

Hot Fix
Flat back costume trim can also be purchased with heat sensitive glue on the back. This special glue melts into the fibers of your fabric forming a permanent bond. These stones can be applied with your household iron or a heat press. Special hand-held applicators, such as the BeJeweler or Kandi Kane, can also be used. These applicators will pick-up round rhinestones, heat them until the glue begins to melt so that you can attach them to your fabric. It’s quick, it’s clean, and it’s easy.