You have to have the personality too.

the color of choice is black of course. common ascent colors include white, red, purple and blue, however what colors you want to use is up to you.

styles include Victorian garb to futuristic things. spikes are common as are the use of flowers. most will use things like sculls and bats or other “spooky” icons as ascent items. corsets are very much loved by most goths. (if you want to get a real good one they run $100+ and be sure to be fitted by a pro)

makeup wise it is all up to you! be creative! (think of the 80s) black lipstick is NOT a must, it is common but not all goths like it. (i personally prefer blue or deep red) it is common to have thick eyeliner, lots of eye shadow and various artistic embellishments. such as swirls, curves, spikes, stitching, and just about any thing else!

the goth dress is all about showing your dark creative side!
It’s pretty simple if your hair isn’t already black grap a batch of hair dye and dye it black, staighten it every day, wear dark, black thick eye linner, wear chalky white fondation all over the face, wear black clothing such as long black jackets or tight black jeans and a whole lot of rings on your fingers and your done.
You wear brightly coloured clothes along with short spikey gelled hair. Also trainers + you like to be loud + boistreous. girls wear short tight things + walaa