Research clothing styles for the ‘date’ you are interested in wearing. Online auctions are a good place to research. Go to your library and order books about Vintage/antique jewelry pictures, Period clothing, styles of the past, etc. Then replicate the look you like with a combination of old and new. If you research the phrase “steampunk”, you will find many updates of Victorian, Art Deco, 1940s styles.

For example:

Art Deco, 1920’s, Flapper – wear above the knee shift dresses with beading and dropped waist. Add a single strand of very, very long beads – sometimes with a tassel on the end(called a lavalier). Add a short hairstyle or a cloche type had, and some kicky shoes with a high heel – or low heeled closed toe shoes. Add large buttons or vintage buckles to the top of the shoe for more bling.

Victorian: Wear bustier with full long skirt, and long sleeved short jacket-type shirt leaving bustier showing. Short boots with high heels, large simple shaped filigreed pins at the collar or a fine chain necklace with a long drop in the center. Hair was pinned up, but anything will do.