To get a similar Hannah Montana wardrobe, I recommend shopping at Forever 21. As you may have noticed Hannah Montana likes to wear sparkling clothes [Like Ashley Tisdale in High School Musical] and Forever 21 is the place to go for sparkling clothes.

A thing to remember about Hannah Montana’s style is that she is very conservative but she adds a little teen flair by wearing glittering tank tops under a plain black/white tight tee or adding a sparkling jacket to a dull outfit.

Accessories are a must for Ms. Montana.
-Replacing short necklaces with long overlapping necklaces is crucial.
-Hoop earrings are popular for Hannah.
-Sparkling belts are so high fashion for her.
-A scarf adds a little extra if you have no neck accessories.
-[E.G.] You are wearing a sparkling shirt, wear a non-sparkling jacket over for a nice finish.
-Layering clothes gives a styling edge.