First find a main piece that the outfit will center around.
It doesn’t matter what it is, it could be a tank top, a cute tee or a turtle neck that looks nice, as long as you look good in it.
Lets say your center piece is a black tank top with silver fringes.
You might want to add a white cargain and black, white or silver flats or boots.
Then a pair of jean look cute in any season, go with black, light gray, dark gray, or blue color, skinny jeans work best though.
For a hand bag, you might want to choose something that goes with it, like a cute bag with black, white, silver, or clear sequins.
You’ll then end up with a assemble like this:

  • Black tank top with silver fringes (Main piece)
  • White cargain
  • Dark blue skinny jeans
  • Black sequined hand bag
  • Silver flats

Even the fashion dead can pull this off 😉