How to tie your shoes
First, you grab one shoelace, and you cross it over the other, then, you take the other shoe lace and twist it 150 times. Next, you wrap the other shoelace around the twisted one until it becomes one. Next, you tie the bottom to the top, making one big loop. Then you have the coolest shoetie ever. Goodluck.

1. Hold up both strings. Then cross your hands over exchanging the strings in the other hand while passing them over.

2. Let the strings drop. Pick the coordinating strings back up with coordinating hands. Strings should look like a X. Pick the strings back up and let the right hand drop the string. Pick the string back up with the right hand, while picking the string up this time, pull it through the hole the two string now are making toward your chest.

3. Pull the two strings together tight in a downward position Make a bunny ear with each string(bending the string). With each bunny ear made, lay one over the other, letting the right hand drop the folded string again, then, pull it back toward your chest this last time. While pulling through the hole again, pull the bunny ears in the opposite direction very tight.