User 1: I was a Cashier and they started me at $6.50.

User 2: I started out at $7.75 an hour in Illinois. I believe you get a little 40-60cent raise for ever year you’re with the company..unless you get promoted to a higher job/dept then you’ll get a bit more.

User 3: no, not in Georgia

dkablack: I started out at $8.00 an hour due to my previous experience as a cashier and I had a job already, if you leave your current job to work at Walmart they are willing to pay you a bit more. Many will start out around $7.25 which is the federal minimum wage set in July 2008 (?)
I make $10 per hour working third shift.

R.J.: My brother works with a door greeter that has been with the company (In Florida) for about 40 years. He makes over $50 an hour, no that wasn’t a typo. They’ve now changed the policy so that the job ‘tops out’ at around $24 an hour. The man has refused every job promotion offered to him, who could blame him? Making that kind of money to say hello to everyone? I’ll take it!