How to start a
clothing line on a budget.
You can actually start a clothing line, working at home with
hardly any funds.
The process is fairly simple when you’re starting out. Find a
reliable source of fabric, cut and sew some samples and refine
them. When you’re satisfied with the results, see if you can find
any takers. Visit local boutiques with products that are similar in
price and appeal as your items and see if they’re interested in
placing an order. You might have to have a garage sale to raise the
money to buy fabric but it’s a small order you can produce
yourself. Then deliver the goods, get paid (collect the money at
delivery, trust me) and lather, rinse and repeat. Plow everything
you earn back into it. Don’t borrow money.

If you find your designs have legs and demand has outstripped your
capacity, it’s time to get some help. Some people use home sewers.
That can work but there’s lots of problems. I think you should go
to a sewing contractor. They will take you if you’ve got your act
together (it’s not the size of your order, it’s the size of your
attitude). However, before you go to a sewing contractor, you need
to have your patterns professionally made so a contractor can work
off of them.

Patterns can cost money, especially if you go to the wrong party
(and there’s lots of them on the web who are great at marketing but
not so great as working). Generally, the more professional someone
is, the less they charge. That’s right, the less they charge.
Actually, that’s another reason not to use home sewers, they cost a
lot more than professionals (the opposite of what people think).
There’s one person on the web who quoted $800 for a five piece
pattern. That should only cost $50-$100 at most (the minimum
charge). Then you need the pattern made into the various sizes
(grading). Again, less expensive is better. A pro only charges $15
per size for a simple pattern. There are tons of people who will
rip you off and charge over $1,000 for the same work.