Labor laws in the United States vary from state to state in terms of minimum age requirements to gain employment. Typically, a young adult must be at least 15 years of age, and have written/oral permission from their parent(s) or legal guardian to be employed. On top of that requirement, there are limited work hours that a minor (person/s under the age of 18 are allowed to work – so as to keep such individuals current with their education requirements). If a young adult is under the age of 18 and has legally been declared “emancipated” by the parents, then that young adult can pursue employment that he or she may be qualified for free of will. The other alternative that a lot of young people resort too from the ages of 10 or so is acquiring a paper route. Although such a job doesn’t pay much, it would allow you to earn some money while giving you most of your time to devote to educational pursuits.