Going behind your mother’s back is not the best idea, and trying to prevent her from ever finding out is extremely difficultand risky. Your bestbet is to seek some kind of a compromise with her about possibly wearing more conservative thongs (as opposed to somethingalong the lines of a g-string) and to assure her that your choice inclothing does not signify any sort of delinquent behavior. If it comes down to it, you can always offer to pay for the thongs yourself (in my experience, parents can become more lenient with things they disaprove of as long as they are not the ones paying for it.)

If you REALLY want to go ahead and do it against her will, You’re definitely going to have to pony up the money, and buy them yourself. As far as hiding them from her, the best advice I can give is to start doing your own laundry (if you don’t already) so that she will not see the thongs in the wash. Keep them at the bottomof your underwear drawer, and hide them in the middle of your hamper after wearing them. Make sure you don’t wear any pants that show them off in front of your mother. Be careful about her seeing any reciepts for them, too.

If all else fails, just take comfort in the fact that eventually you will be on your own, and no one will dictate your underwear choices other than you.

Dominic Mackie suggests: Make your own pair, it is very simple

or tell her u don’t tell me wat i wear and wat i dont wear. if you want to wear thongs u can she can’t freakin chose wat the hell u wear


How about you and a friend go out together and buy loads and throw the recipts away at wherever you go shopping, make a special place for you to put all your thongs or g-strings and when they need washing make a excuse saying that you want to earn a bit of money by doing the washing, the money you earn can go to more g-strings and thongs. Or you could go down to a local wash and dry cleaners.

You could compromise with your mum and say that you were not gonna buy a g-string but you were gonna buy thongs.

Borrow your mums

make some, they are very easy although they are not as good