A: Uh, No. She’ll think you’re gay and perverted!!!


No, he won’t; unless the girl has an unusual taste. Girls are naturally interested and if they see a boy dressed as a girl, if they even realize he is a girl, she will think of him as gay and assume he is not available. As well as this, if the girl is straight, she will not be interested in going out with anyone who dresses as her own gender. If she is bi, that could be confusing, as bi’s know boys from girls and have preferences which vary. If the girl is a lesbian, she will be looking for the girl’s body and the typical girl’s personality, regardless of how they dress.

Perhaps if she dresses as a boy…


i am sorry for this but screw that s@$t

It is possible, but may be hard to find someone who appreciates it. I personally have a friend(a bisexual female) who finds cross-dressing men sexy.