Definitely! I actually fit in with that category. Computers can used for many things according to age.
+ 1-4 years, some parents do not let their younger children use the computer, but there are several educational programs.
+ 5-7 years, still many educational games, more children use computers at this age.
+ 8-10 years, children are sure to be using computers at this age. They learn how to type and do basic things on programs. Plus, they play games.
+ 11-13 years, this age group is attached to the computer. They use social networking sites such as Facebook, and email programs. They edit pictures, and make movies. They surf the web…. and use Google for homework assignments.
+14-17 years, same as above. It is used more and more for homework and reports.
+18-22 years, see 11-17 years. They are used in college for organization and studying.