The answer to this question is a matter of opinion.
Our contributors have said:

One opinion: There really isn’t good or bad in fashion. Many people think it’s great, because now everybody can have their own unique sense of style, but some others, take the parents for example, may think that it’s a waste of time to try and put clothes together. Everybody has a different point of view in fashion.

Another opinion: I think fashion is a very good thing! Fashion is a way of expressing yourself without saying anything. The clothes you wear show what type of personality you have.

Another opinion: I think fashion is sometimes bad for people because if you try to be fashionable you have to spend money and if you spend a lot of money you could go broke!

Another opinion: With fashion it depends on the person. Fashion can’t be good or bad because every person should have their own style. I love fashion and will become a fashion designer eventually so it is extremely good for me. Any hobby can be expensive and I know that for sure. People can go to thrift stores and shop and look as glamorous as a fashion model as long as their style is shown. For some people, they may not care as as much for fashion so they won’t put as much work in to their style or show a passion for it. It all depends. The answers of each individual may vary.

Another opinion: Well, there is no “good or bad” fashion. It just is your style. Some people prefer their fashion more conservative, while others like showy and glamorous. I prefer glamorous and trendy. Everybody has their own opinion in fashion. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or anything to be fashionable! You can just buy a shirt for $5 and be fashionable. It is just taste in clothes and style. But remember not to be crazy like wear a tie-dye shirt with tie-dye pants because even though their both “in the same family” it is known as “clashing fashions!”

Another opinion: Fashion is not at all bad. Nowadays everyone is hungry for fashion. Well, fashion describes the person’s personality thereby enhancing it. So, I don’t think upgrading your personality has got something wrong in that.