AKH Answer:

Well I think its normal!

I do it myself

No, that is not normal behavior for a man. He is a transvestite, meaning he enjoys wearing womens clothing.

My Views :

“Well straight men putting on Boxers and briefs is a passe. Straight men having old and clumsy fashion ideas stick to them. Todays men who are bold enough, having flair, sensuous feelings and revolutionary fashion ideas put on lacy and sheer underwear. It may be in the form G-strings, Thongs, Tangas or simply call them ‘Panties (if it so pleases you because slowly panty is acquiring a unisex meaning). Manufacturers like Hom, Moschino, International male etc. are making net and silky/satin underwear for men.

History says about mens underwear… in pre-Victorian France, Germany and England, mostly the aristocratic men wore lace it was on their cuffs and scarves and HAD IT TRIMMED ON THEIR UNDERWEAR . T H E W O M E N W E R E P L A I N E R ! !

Lastly I suppose the answer to the question is, that it’s okay for men to wear lace and sheer underwear if they are comfortable with the choice. And hopefully, their significant others are ok with the choice too, since that seems to make a happier relationship for certain.”