The question similar to, “Is Ford a good brand of car?”. People have favorites for variuos reasons. Speedo as a brand would fall into this category. They have a wide range of styles and colors of swimsuits as well as apparel and accesories and traing equipment. The vast majority of their products are good quality but not everything. For example, I like their swim goggles because they fit me well. Others prefer different brands because they fit their eyes better. Speedo makes a great nylon “Endurance” brand racing suit that lasts long in chlorinated pool water and fits me well. I have used other brands and had good results as well. Speedo is a competative company with good products and good support for their vendors. I do not own any Speedo stock and I am not a sponsored athlete. I have been involved with competative swimming of and on for 40 years and Speedo is still a top choice of competative swimmers.