No. I think it is a great idea for women. Not only the glossy tights can be used as reflector, but also helping shaping the lower body when working out.

I don’t find thong leotards very comfortable, maybe I wear them too tight! But regular bum covering leotards are great to wear for exercise, I wear them all the time when walking, etc. often I wear leggings and tee-shirt over the leotard but not always. Nobody appears to be offended or upset even on the occasions when I wear only a leotard.

It could be great for men too, as long as they fit men’s body. Men and women have different body shape so the cuts should be different. Men’s Leo should have wider crotch front, for example. Leotard reveals body lines so only people in good shape should wear them, men and women. Thong leotards are great when you wear them over tights. I’m a guy and I wear men’s dance thong Leo over opaque tights doing jogging. If I go to the gym I wear tight shorts to cover my butt. But if I jog at night alone, I don’t bother with shorts.