You can buy used clothing for your personal wear. You need to make sure the clothing is in good condition with no rips that cannot be fixed, stains, or missing buttons. You must always wash the clothing before wearing it.

Some used clothing stores are “charity based” and give the money to charities, such as church owned stores, while others are privately owned, and retain the profits for themselves.

There are also consignment shops that sell used and vintage clothing on commission, and keep a percentage of every item they sell for you. So in this situation, the store owner, the one who sells their on consignment (commission), and the one who buys the clothing a much lower prices all benefit.

There are actually many celebrities who buy and sell their clothes at consignment shops.

Since used clothing stores do not accept clothing that is dirty, stained, torn or missing buttons, etc., the clothing is in good condition. This is a good way for families to save money when buying clothes for children who outgrow their clothes very quickly. It is also a good way to find unique items, especially at the vintage stores.

Used clothing stores are also a good way to earn extra money with clothes your children have outgrown, or clothes you no longer wear.

In addition to clothing, most of them also accept coats, shoes and accessories such as purses, shoes, gloves, scarves, etc.

If I were you I wouldn’t buy used shoes… unless they were never worn

That is a good point brought up in the answer above; wearing used shoes is not recommended since it can cause fungal infections (ex – athlete’s foot). Also, wearing shoes that have been broken in to fit another person’s foot can cause problems too.
But in today’s economic climate, selling/buying used clothing is a great way to make a bit of extra money for those with clothes to sell, and a great way to save money for those who are on a budget. And it’s not only those on a budget who buy used clothes, it’s also people who use common sense and don’t feel they are too good to buy and wear something that isn’t new.For families with children, this is an excellent way to keep their kids dressed nicely, especially since many of the clothes sold in these stores are the upper end name brands.  And when you consider how quickly kids outgrow their clothes, it doesn’t make sense to buy brand new clothes when you can buy clothes that are just as good, yet a lot less expensive.  I would much rather hear people brag about how much money they saved, rather than how much they spent.  This is also a great way for a woman who has been home raising children, and hasn’t been in the workforce for a few years, to buy an entire work wardrobe when she goes back to work.
While some may have concerns about the clothes not being clean since they are used, the clothes have been washed, and you can also wash them before you wear them. When you shop for clothes in a department store, many people have already tried those on too, and they certainly were not washed before being put back on the racks.