A lot of the answer would depend on the style of dress…for a casual dress, try chunky wooden beads or even natural shell or nut jewelry. Irregularly shaped turquoise chunks strung on jute twine would also be great. If it is a dressy dress or you just want to dress it up, then try gold or copper chains with citrine or topaz jewels. If the dress is simple, make your jewelry bold. If the dress is fussy, with lots of ruffles or lace, then make the jewelry understated and classy. I make my own jewelry and love to wear browns and creams and other natural neutrals. I made a necklace out of cream colored beads (about the size of marbles) with small gold beads, about the size of green peas, and accented the chain with a primitive flower design carved out of natural bone. It goes very well with a lot of my outfits.