The following brands are similar.
Lacoste (Nothing says prep like a bright polo with a alligator)
J. Crew (Overall, this is my favorite brand in the world. It has such of great selection of everything from the basics, to beautiful cocktail and wedding dresses, to unique pieces that put a new twist on classic outfits)
Ralph Lauren (Ralph is such a iconic brand that has been the reigning King of Prep for some time now. Prices range from affordable to ridiculous, just like its clothers range from cute and preppy to runway crazy)
Brooks Brothers (Though it really isn’t a teenage store, this brand is perhaps the preppiest, most timeless brand in the world)
Le Tigre (I don’t know much about this brand, but it’s very preppy)
Tommy Hillfiger (Classically preppy, just like Vineyard Vines… What more could you ask for?)
Gap: (This is a cheaper, more generic version Vineyard Vines that is great for the essential basics of every wardrobe… See also Old Navy)
Aeropostale & American Eagle (These two brands are more mainstream, cookie cutter versions of prep. clothing. Here you can get the basic for pretty cheap and far tighter than you would at Vineyard Vines. For what its worth I prefer Aeropostale to American Eagle and I would never step foot in a Hollister or an Abercrombie)
Lilly Pulitzer (Though expensive, it has some of the nicest summer dresses I’ve ever seen.
Izod (I like this brand for its cute tennis and golf outfits)
Anthropologie (This brand mixes boho with prep to create a fun twist on old clothing styles)
L.L Bean (It’s bags are pretty much identical to the totes from Vineyard Vines)
Eddie Bauer (Those these clothes are more for my mom than they are for me; they still represent the timeless, athletic, and casual preppy)
Talbots (This brand has cute clothes for the suburban mom and any teenager who wants to add a piece of sophistication to their wardrobe… See also Banana Republic)
Land’s End (Like Vineyard Vines this brand is based out of a northern beach town. Enough said.)
Nautica (I don’t know much about this brand, but it was inspired by sailing and its logo is a boat. So, it must be pretty similar to Vineyard Vines)
Vera Bradley & Kate Spade (These two brands are known for their preppy handbags)
Nike (Personally, I think Nike is the most preppy athletic wear brand)
*Being preppy is not about being hip or trendy and it most definitaly is not about following high fashion. Preppy is more than just a clothing stlye it is a lifestyle. Its looks are timeless and classy. They will be and have been worn for generations.

also try these, they are practically exact replicas of vineyard vines
southern tide and tug stuff