My Darlings! Well, me personally I like many stores. Now I know many people either love or hate Aeropostale, Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, and American Eagle. I actually started shopping at Aeropostale a few months ago. I like to plan out what I buy before I buy. I’m having a yard sale and then I’m going shopping. Anyway, many people say it is too much brands. In some cases, if you wear graphic tees and hoodies, over and over, yes. But if you wear knit-layers and baby-doll tanks you change it up. The thing to remember about wearing these stores is that if you always wear the same type of artical of clothing it will get old. I find if you shake things up a bit the looks are great. I have wanted to go to Cali my whole life and so shopping there is great. Many say “Don’t be like everyone else! Carbon copies aren’t original!” Well, if you LIKE what people wear then that isn’t a problem. Usually, if I see something I like on someone I get the same or close to that item. I actually found a pair of grey (yes I sometimes spell gray/grey like that) Levi’s at Burlington Coat Factory for a cheap price. I’m not one for knock-offs, but Levi’s are pretty good brand. If you like the Cali look then that is great. It all depends. I like those stores and I really like the Cece and Rocky Collection at Sear’s (I think it’s Sears, I’m not sure). My friend got a shirt from there and I was so jealous, I was like “Where did you get that?” She told me the Shake It Up Collection. Every time I see the show I pay attention to the outfits. Also, the China Anne McClain collection seems cute too. I’m into music, art and animals so I think it will be good. I am 12 by the way, so I kinda know how you feel in terms of ‘where should I buy?’ Forever 21 has the same stitch of wording for some clothes, like the Harvard University is in the stitching? By stiching I mean like in Hollister they have the white letters in that particular way. Old Navy I used to shop at and I don’t remember, but when I go back to mall I’ll check out some more stores. Forever 21 is good for jewelery and jackets. Claire’s is good for earrings mostly but I like hats and room decor. Justice used to be very cute with the graphic tees I saw 1 year ago when I was going into 5th grade. Then the army, leopard prints came in and I thought “Ehhh, these are okay.” When they just recently added the ripped in the middle shirts and the over-sparkled items I started not to like. I shop for graphic tees there. Those are still there and are cute. The ripped shirts don’t look good for girls at my age. They have good room decor and folders and school things by the way. I know that’s off topic. Anyway! Sorry about that long speech I have been saying. So, I think good Junior tees are at Burlington Coat Factory and Deb. Since I don’t want to write too much ( I probably have ) you can message me about anything else. Looks, fragrances, shoes, hats. By the way I LUV hats and shoes so. Anyway, I hope this helped. But most of all be yourself!
-Love Ali