Obviously someone who doesn’t have large breast or a man wrote the answer below. I wear a 46 ddd bra and I wear shirts with buttons all the time. To the person that asked this question; take it from someone with experience you can wear any kind of shirt as long as you get it in the right size and you try it on before you leave the shop. I have found that sometimes when you buy shirts that you think are your size and you don’t try them on you get home and they don’t fit and you have to hastle with taking them back and either exchanging or refunding. Contrary to the answer below wrap around blouses tend to not cover large breast well and sometimes can give a uniboob effect, just depends on the material. You don’t have to stick with pull-overs. Tunic shirts work well and they sometimes mask the largeness of the bust. I like to find shirts that have a layered look to them, peasant shirts, tanks with a built in bra that have some give to them. I hope this helped you somewhat.

I’d go for anything that doesn’t button up! Big boobs and buttons are NOT a good combination. You could try those wrap-around types or just stick to the ones that you pull over your head!
The problem isn’t just large breasts. If one has large breasts but they are proportionate to other body features there is generally no problem finding a blouse that fits. Note the band size on that bra, which can better indicate overall size.
If one’s breasts are out of proportion to her other features — such as when one has a small waist, a small back, and tiny shoulders, — like if that bra is 32DDDD instead of 36DDD, let alone 46DDD, there is indeed a big problem finding clothes. To just buy a size large enough to button up the front means that the neck and shoulders will be huge, the waist and back will be baggy. Blouses are just not designed for proportions of this kind!
You either go for something that does not button, you do some major alterations, or you sew your own blouses. I wear a lot of St. John suits because of this problem. They are stretch knits and many styles zip up the front. Unfortunately they are also shockingly expensive.
MY GOODNESS….. just get a costom made bra!
Hope that helps 🙂

I have a similar problem myself, I am a 42N. Ignore the size that the tag says. Make sure that you will be able to button the shirt comfortably over your breasts. Don’t worry about it being too loose around your waist, have a someone take the shirt in where it is too baggy. This is what I had to do when I buy any blouse back when I was a 34JJ.