Fake fur may shed.

Currently, there are no faux furs that have been able to keep snow from melting and re-freezing on the fur’s fiber filaments. This might be of concern if one chooses to wear a fur material rather than warmer totally synthetic garments while hiking, mountain climbing, skiing and other activities which are done in extreme conditions.[citation needed]

Fake fur is made of synthetic fibers, meaning that a chemical process is used in its manufacture which may create waste, or be non-biodegradable.

But real fur is not better!

Trapped fur uses 3.5 times more in total energy content than faux fur.

Ranched fur uses 15 times more energy than producing synthetic fur.

Animal fur and skin production cases serious air and water pollution.

More chemicals are needed for animal fur production to preserve the fabric from naturally decomposing: Ammonia, chromates, bleaching agents, coal tar derivatives, hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde, sulphides and ranched fur animal feces are contaminating YOUR water!

The best thing one could do is not wear fur at all. Neither real or fake.