The Stuart Weitzman’s Rita Hayworth Heels. The price is 3,000,000 dollars. I personally think that is ridiculous!!!
I saw some shoes on internet that cant be prices, they are decorated in diamonds and other precious stones…some famous people have worn them on the red carpet but nobody can buy them because they don’t have a value!!!!a bit stupid if you ask me cuz i like shoes and i spend maximuim £400 on shoes (and i probably wont spend any more on what i spent on my last pair!!)….but those prices are just ridiculous…i prefer a good old pair or gucci or d&g personally….!!!:):)

3,000,000 wow that’s nuts

Actually the most expensive pair of shoes are ruby slippers and Stuart weitzman’s rita hayworth heels are second.

The Most Expensive Shoes in the World has as many as 4,600 rubies that have been meticulously used in the beautification of Harry Winston’s Ruby Slippers. The decoration of the slippers with delicate rubies is an incredible achievement of the artisan Javiar Barerra who took two months to do it. The rubies with a measure of 1,350 carats are the touchstone to assess the exclusivity of the slippers. Crafted with sequins, they feature shining accents. Sophistication is the mainstay feature of this unique creation by Ronald Winston.
the most ewpensive pair of shoes are called the Logan