Clan Tartans and fashion plaids,The largest Fashion plaid is called Buffalo Check and usually has only two colos.The smallest is Pinstripe and can contain any colors you like, and even any number of widths and stripes

There many different types of plaids – Tartans, madras, glen, and novelty to name a few.

Tartans are “balanced” plaids that have the same vertical (warp) and horizontal (weft or fill) design so they look the same having a square appearance.

Madras are usually colorful, lightweight and have more random looking vertical and horizontal stripes. The dyes often bleed into each other so it has a softer look. The name comes from where they were woven in India.

Glen plaids are balanced, have approx. 2-3 colors and have a very set pattern of vertical and horizontal stripes with a twill weave making them look very intricate. Because they are balanced they are also considered Tartans. The construction (threads per inch) can be different from warp and weft but the design still looks balanced

Novelty plaid is pretty much any type of unbalanced plaid that has a set weave throughout.