Actually, the words “Perahan Tunban” are usually said and spelled, “Peron and Tumban.” Afghan clothes are looser than Pakistani clothing, especially for the women. While the Taliban did demand all women wear the burkha, the wearing of the burkha is entirely dependent upon what the woman’s husband or father desire her to wear. Many women are still required to wear the burkha, and are not permitted to mix with the men from families not within her extended relations.

Afghan women will vary their clothing from just wearing the Perahan Tunban, which really is a long tunic over long pants. They also may wear a long skirt over pants, with a shorter blouse. Any blouse or tunic they wear must be long sleeve. Their ankles may not show. They often do wear high heels with their painted toes showing. They are very feminine.

Men wear long pants and typically a long shirt. They vary between an Afghan Perahan Tunban and Western suits and ties. Also, jeans and a long shirt are worn by younger men and boys in the city. Men usually wear a waistcoat over the perahan, which gives it a little more shape. Otherwise, it is like wearing pajamas.