Clothes color collocation method

Warm color department + cool color department: red vs blue, yellow violet, this match vs relative match colors method
Light color fastens + brunet department: shallow blue, pink vs vs the iron ash with law, is color depth
Warm color department + warm color department: yellow vs red, yellow vs green, this match method, is the same department match colors
Cool color department + cool color department: grey vs black, violet vs black, this match method, is the same department match colors
Bright is + darker colors: black, white vs the match method, color and color depth is light and shade of color rendition, build a visual effects are different
Depth match colors, is a deep a shallow by worthy, light and shade of color is harmonious, was bright senses with dark by worthy, a strong sense.
Different material and colour and lustre clothes with Joe, also can have different visual effect to identify the most suitable for itself lubricious department, achieve visual harmonious can
1, patterned coat with the same pattern not shirt and tie.
2, stripe or decorative pattern to the coat with plain coloured pants.
Three, shoes color should be coordinated with the color clothes.
4, leg cannot too short, otherwise you will give a person the feeling of center of gravity be unsteady, and lose the grave.

Skirt how collocation clothes and shoes

If you want a little long legs

Gastronomy: miniskirt + buckle the thumb of sandals

This is because fit miniskirt can well show from hip to the thigh of curve, or general leg thin legs short leg people are very good choice; Ping and the buckle with thumb of sandals can produce from skirt to toe uninterrupted curve feeling. Although follow sandal high also can achieve the same effect, however, follow sandal high deserve total feeling some procrastination mini.

If you want to hip look a little bit small

Gastronomy: straight TongQun + chalaza follow sandal high

Because clipping itself is long and narrow, straight TongQun can produce linear effect, let your entire lower body becomes slender, very suitable for pear of figure of women; Moreover, skirt will make you the most attractive upper body highlighted; But follow sandal high will let you of the variable slender, big hip curve also become less clear.

If you want to abdominal become more smooth

Gastronomy: contain rural flavors of loose with recreational dress + half sandal

Because the plait skirt, lax in central patieats dress well covered slightly swollen belly, the little skills are applicable to any women; And long skirt can arrive feet, so there is no need to worry it will make your legs look very short; Half with leisure sandals will give you a little height, and create a good dress looser recreational feeling.

If you want to become more slender legs

Gastronomy: round plait skirt + wedges shoes

As the skirt itself, and only the flowery revealed thin crus, long plait skirt make you look more well-balanced, this truth for any shape the girls work (if your legs don’t long skirt, so don’t cross the knees, otherwise you legs will disappear); But also because round plait skirt itself very feminine, so match on a pair of charming wedges shoes effect is better: both sexy and convenient to walk.