The wealthy wore doublets, hose, trunk hose (those short puffed pants that come to the mid-thigh), canions (a more closely-fitting style of pants), Venetians (yet another style of pant), jerkins, capes, cloaks, hats, shirts, boots, shoes.

Merchants, court administrators, etc., would have worn long gowns with a full-length robe or surcoat. They would also have worn the same styles as those mentioned above.

Find some photos of paintings from that period – Sir Walter Ralegh, Philip of Spain, Robert Cecil, Francis Walsingham, Christopher Hatton, Philip Sidney, Cardinal Wolsey – and look at what they are wearing. You can find these photos at the library or online. You could go to an art gallery – depending, of course, on where you live – such as the Tate, British Museum where you will find original paintings.