Hipsters are usually logo exiles so they don’t wear brands and especially not name brands. They typically wear very vintage clothing and shop mainly at thrift stores. Tight, distressed jeans, old-school sneakers, thick-rimmed plastic glasses, leggings, mini-skirts, leg warmers, ’60s dresses, headbands, chunky jewelry, and large shirts and sweaters are favorites for hipster girls. Tight, distressed jeans, thick-rimmed plastic glasses, old-school sneakers, skinny suits and ties, t-shirts with ironic sayings and images, cardigans, plaid and buffalo check shirts, colorful hoodies, tight windbreakers, and beanies are favorites for hipster guys. Both genders frequently wear dirty Vans and Converses, flamboyant Nikes, large plastic frame glasses, scarfs and neon wayfarer sunglasses. They are sometimes pierced and tattooed. Besides thrift stores, they might shop at Urban Outfitters and American Apparel, which both have very vintage hipster and bohemian pieces that don’t have brands plastered all over them. They often have shaggy haircuts and/or asymmetrical side-swept bangs. They shun typical ideals and trends. (like tan, blonde girls, and buff men) Both hipster men and women are typically very slender. They often have small, quirky details about them, like: colorful shoelaces tied into patterns, funky nail designs, unique pins, and drawings on shoes. They might also have rainbow colors in their hair, sometimes in subtle places. But you must remember, it’s not just the clothes that make a hipster! They often have lots of knowledge on obscure bands, literature, and film and have very sarcastic and sometimes a bit snobby attitudes.