Office sluts are easy to spot.Find the girl with no boyfriend(she probably has a few) that can always be found chatting in dating sites.If you can find her username or if u can search her in the website,her profile will read a bit like this:Im a single mom looking for friends and possibly more….like to go out ..dinner..cinema…(they wont always be single moms but a lot of them are(hubby found out they were slutty).If they work in the service industry ,you might find them dating clients.Another thing is if you live in a touristy area and there are a lot of foreigners coming about town,you could ask the suspected office sluts what she does with her weekend or mention about hotels around town..sluts always know all the hotels coz they had s @ x with visitors from all over the world:)met them in chat rooms or referred by an ex one night stand who liked the way she polished his pole!

Don’t get caught up in details! Have fun, it’s your life and it’s your body: cheapen it!