The Apparel Information Management System® (AIMS®) is apparel software for the fashion industry. It provides a complete, fully integrated order and production processing system for manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, and distributors of clothing, accessories, footwear, home furnishings, and other sewn products.

Developed by the leading provider of apparel software solutions with 25 years in business, more than 2500+ installations, dedicated technical support staff, dedicated training staff, and training programs in schools.

With AIMS, apparel firms of all sizes can leverage a full suite of management tools that automate and enhance critical operations. As a result, they can:

  • Increase internal productivity
  • Improve customer service
  • Enhance collaboration with business partners
  • Reduce waste and unnecessary loss
  • Boost revenues and profits

AIMS is built on the latest innovations, such as cutting-edge bar code solutions, state-of-the-art database technologies, and advanced electronic data interchange (EDI) processes. AIMS ERP can run in Windows or via the Web, and can be purchased for deployment as an on-site solution, or rented as a hosted application (SAAS). Additionally, AIMS is fully compliant with all industry standards.

AIMS significantly improves the way core activities across the entire business are planned, executed, managed, and tracked, including:

  • Customer file management
  • Style cost sheets
  • Order processing
  • Cutting tickets and WIP
  • Bill of materials
  • Purchase orders
  • Production and tracking
  • Order allocation
  • Picking tickets
  • Invoicing
  • Credit card processing
  • Factored & non-factored A/R
  • RMA & Credits
  • Inventory control
  • Sales commissions
  • Licensing & royalties
  • Automated UPC assignment
  • In-house Integrated EDI
  • Scan & Pack
  • GL integration w/QuickBooks
  • WebLink wholesale integration (b2b)
  • EasyShop online retail cart (b2c)

Key AIMS features include:

  • A portfolio of over 350 flexible pre-developed reports that allow users to analyze vital and timely information about products, sales, outstanding orders, work in progress, and other crucial business metrics. This enables professionals across the business to uncover and correct process breakdowns and inefficiencies, and instantly identify and leverage new market opportunities. All reports can be produced as PDF documents, exported to Excel, or easily emailed right from AIMS.
  • The ability to uniquely brand order confirmations, invoices, labels, reports, and other documents with a company name, address, and logo.
  • Support for multiple divisions, products, and lines of business. AIMS also enables the efficient management of an unlimited number of product styles, colors, sizes, and other options.
  • Comprehensive management and analysis of customer information, including contact details, ship-to addresses, orders placed and received, account status, and financial history.
  • Comprehensive, built-in security that keeps information fully protected at all times by allowing administrators to grant access to specific data and system functions to each user based on their role in the organization.

To optimize flexibility, the following optional capabilities are also available with the AIMS system:

GL Integration

Seamless integration with QuickBooks facilitates fast, accurate sharing of important information between the AIMS system and QuickBooks for generating financial statements.

Wholesale E-commerce

Real-time Web-based access to the AIMS application empowers remote or “on the go” employees and salespeople, as well as third-party business partners, to place orders, track invoices, check inventory levels, and much more – any time, anywhere – from any Internet-enabled location. AIMS can also be accessed via mobile devices, such as laptops, smartphones, PDAs, and other handheld appliances.

Remote Order Entry

AIMS supports the use of barcode scanners, so salespeople can enter orders while away at trade shows, at customer locations, or from other off-site locations, with absolutely no Internet connection required. Users simply scan the barcode from the garment(s) being bought, enter the appropriate customer information, then upload the data into AIMS for processing.

Credit Card Processing

Purchases can be dynamically processed – in real-time – through partnerships with major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.