A revered-collar blouse (short or long-sleeved) is the most common piece of school uniform. It´s usually a white blouse with either embroidered sleeves (in the case of short sleeves) or simply plain sleeves. The revered collared blouse is also referred as open collar blouse or open neck blouse. But note that the revered collared blouse asked as part of a girl´s uniform is different to a fashion blouse so be sure you are looking for school wear and not for fashion blouses since the results can be different.
The whole dilemma about these blouses is that there are referred in so many ways; open neck, revered, revere, rever, etc.
In fact, if you go to www.johnlewis.com and type in the search box for “open neck blouse” you will see the blouse normally asked as part of the school uniform in either white or blue colour. This is a revered collared blouse.
At Mark & Spencer (www.markandspencer.com) you can find something that they call revere collar blouse (item number T766026R) but it´s only available through their catalogue and it goes out of stock quite easily.
Also, at School Uniform Shop (www.schooluniformshop.co.uk) you can find what they call “rever collar blouses” in several colours (blue, white, sand, etc.) and with different sleeve sizes (full, 3/4, short, etc.). It is reported that Tesco, at their Extra stores (not at every store) carry revered collar blouses for schoolwear but they don´t sell it through their web site yet and you must stop by one of these Extra stores and there are not many Tesco Extra in London.
Oftentimes, there is a confusion with the term revered-collar as is a term that refers normally to men shirts and not to blouses. A revered-collar shirt is usually a dress shirt but almost all casual shirts have a revered-collar as well.
There are different types of shirt collars:
– Straight : It the most simple of all and are considered most conservative. There are two types as well of straight collars; traditional and European. The difference is the stitching. All Europeans straight collars are edge-stiched.
– Spread : Are considered dressier than straight collars and therefore more formal. There are as well two types of spread collars; Windsor and Varsity. The Varsity spread collar has a arced edged whilst the Windsor has a straight edge.
– Tab : They look like straight collars but they are affixed with a snap or button on each side.
– Buttondown : This is the less formal type of collar. It can be worn with or without a tie. The edges of the collar are buttoned to the shirt. There are few opportunities of experimenting with colour with this type of collar.
– Wing : The edges of the collar are smaller and spreader thus resembling wings. The front of this collar has folded-down tips that look just like a pair of wings. Wing collars are usually worn with formal outfits such as tuxedos.
So now, when we are asked for a revered collared blouse then we are looking for a more formal blouse in style. The collar is usually straight but there are options of double collar blouses. What is most important in this case is to think that we are being asked for equivalent of a men´s shirt but for a girl or for a lady.
In the case of a school uniform, the blouse is almost always white and can be found in any store such as Mark & Spencer (UK), John Lewis (UK), Tesco (UK), etc. In the US and Spain they seems to use Polo shirts instead of blouses as part of the school uniform.
Almost all of these stores offer this shirt as part of the Schoolwear collection. Just be aware that different stores have a different name for the same shirt. Ultimately, some schools sell themselves the revered collared blouse saving time to parents.
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Jose Mendoza