A mixture of high and low fashion.. i.e.

men: long trousers (jeans or dress pants, no shorts) and collard shirts (dress shirts or polos etc, no t-shirts)

women: purple or black dresses, skirts, trousers, dress tops.

== It basically means that you dont dress up, but you look nice. you wear clothes that flatter you. they look dressed up, but in a way that you can go to a party in, or go out to a casual dinner. ==

What it means is that it flatters you well giving you the hour glass figure (if your a girl). But it is not something you would wear to a suit and tie restaurant. examples:

women: a nice pair of trousers or even fitted jeans, a blouse, maybe a shirt with a band accross the waist under the boobs (sorry i can’t say the other B word.) And of course, a dress that goes down to under your knees, but not at you ankles.

men: jeans or trousers (NO sweatpants and def. no shorts unless you live at the equator) and any type of shirt that isn’t a T-shirt and doesn’t have a logo on it.