A fine suit is normally in the upper 80´s, upper 90´s. The numbers refer to the count, or fineness of the yarn used in the cloth.

A Super 120 is a beautiful made suit, but is pricy. A Super 150 is top of the line, and can be very expensive, indeed.

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super any number means: how much 1 Grams of wool or any of that fabric will extend, means the smaller the number the heaver the fabric is, its not like a carpet thread roles.

# super 100 and below that is a heavy fabric and usually you want to use that suits in north America like Canada and north states in the U.S,

# Super 120 and above is light and you want to use that suits in the Midwest and California weather, don’t be fool by the tag look into the shell fabric inside the suits and should tell you whats made of.