You must mean “gothic lolita”. First of all, Lolita is a harajuku fashion in Japan that is supposed to make the girls (Or guys, but it’s not very common for guys) look like Victorian porcelain dolls. Lolita in general is supposed to be modest and exquisite, as in the shoulders are often covered, the poofy skirt goes down to the knees, the heel of the shoe must be as thick as the actual heel, the hair must be neat, the makeup must be clean, etc. Lolita fashion does not involve cheap lace, shiny or cheap fabrics, stiletto heels, open toed shoes, plunging necklines, anime , legwarmers, fishnets, leather, PVC, etc.
Gothic lolita is a subgroup of lolita fashion. There are more then ten groups of lolita fashion. In gothic lolita, the main color scheme is black and white, sometimes red. The clothing and accessories are oftentimes romantic or dark, such as intricate crosses, coffins, sheer black lace (lace used for funerals), chunky goth Mary janes, gothic cameos, etc. It follows all the rules for lolita fashion.