Based on their ages ages:

0-3- teething toys, stuffed animals, cardboard books, cute little
tshirts that say stuff like mommy loves me ( they’re at walmart)

4&5 – Elmo anything, crayons, stuffed animals.

6-8 – Barbies, Bratz, polly pockets, accessories to them.

9-12 – Diary, gell pens, itunes card (but only if they have an
ipod) online memberships to websites like club penguin, fantage,
and buildabearville.

13-15 – ipod, itunes card, money, gift card to American Eagle,
Aeropostal, Hollister, ect, netbook (if you want to go expensive)

16-18 – Money, gift card, Computer, Ipod, Apple ANYTHING.

19 + – candles, decor, money, gift card.