I don’t think it is only the Pantyhose in question here, but the skirt/shorts length.
Pantyhose (sheer tan/nude/black) are made to look and feel very alluring. I do not think any harm can come from a girl wearing pantyhose *if* her skirt length is long enough. I have seen far too many little tiny 7 year old girls lately wearing very tight pants with “JUICY” on their …. little ‘butt’ –
(WHAT IS SOMEONE SUPPOSED TO (NOT) THINK?) aka, I don’t agree with the ‘Jon Bennet’ type little girl all grown up pagents.

 The age is not a factor. Babies wear pantyhose/tights. If you have raised your daughter respectfully than again, age shouldn’t be a factor.

 For me, I wasn’t allowed to wear pantyhose until I turned 13…an eternity back then since all my girlfriends had started wearing them around age 11 or 12. Today I’ve seen girls at my daughter’s school in stockings as young as 8 or 9, although I think that’s too young. Remember that some dresses just don’t look right with tights too. My oldest daughter is 12 and I let her wear hose when she was 10 becaus she was mature and I was comfortable with it.

 If she is old enough to wear a skirt, she is old enough to wear pantyhose, and should be wearing them.

 I wore pantyhose since 8. My daughters been wearing them sence 7 and they wear them everyday.

 My 2 year old wears pantyhose what is the big deal?

I have worn pantyhose all my life, but most girls don’t want to wear pantyhose but their mom’s make them. I don’t see how it is a bad thing to wear pantyhose, if a girl wears skirts, then it would just be even less revealing.
I Think that wearing pantyhose sholdn’t be about your age it should be about how awsome they go with the outfit..if it doesn’t go..DON’T WEAR THEM!!
It really doesn’t matter what age you are to start wearing them. When i was just 2 weeks old my mom put me in a pair to go to a Christmas party with her friends. So ther e is really not a certain age u have to be.
It depends, on whether it can be seen as a passage to maturity, becoming a woman, like wearing makeup (clearly becoming a woman is much more and not defined by what one wear), then i’d say after her first period, as it makes no much sense, apparently, trying to me attractive as a grown up woman when not sexually mature yet. The “rule” in childhood is usually practical fashion, where it doesnt’ exclude being stylish.
Painting nails, strangely assurged at not being a “mature” symbol anymore and is often used at any low age. It always depends on the signifying, and giving too much an absolute value to rites and aesthetical symbols, obviously risk being too much conservative and close minded. Though it can still signify much having the little girl emotioned in using makeup and/or shaving her legs for the first time, knowing it is because she became a little woman, not for peer pressure.