Fashion forecasting is the prime issue underlying the issue
of trends. It is not an occupational guessing game because very
substantial amounts of money of the fashion industry are at stake.
It. Is a vital activity where experienced fashion analysts
scrutinize past buying patterns signs for current market dynamics
and project these into the future. There are forecast agencies that
collect facts pertaining to consumer buying patterns, activities
and occasions for which clothes are needed, their priorities,
reading habits etc. this is done through liaison with stores,
retailers and wholesalers fashion professionals also rely on
information sources such as design, colour and video Services,
newsletters, books, magazines and websites. In order to gear up for
the season to come, the fibre and textile producers must start new
developments almost two years in advance, clothing and accessory
manufacturers must have their products ready well in time months
before the consumers’ wearing season. Without well-judged
projections of designs, colours and fabrics by the forecasters, the
producers would not be able to sell in large quantities of unsold
to be disposed through discount sales, the importance of the
forecaster in trend analysis becomes invaluable.

Fashion forecasting is process where we try to get consumers mood
towards the next selling season to avoid loss and we can plan our
marketing in advance. One of great fashion forecasting companies
are, They are global leader in accurate trend
forecasting companies.