They are going more for the look and the name, rather then quality. Just because a pair of skateboarder/basketballers names are on a pair of sneakers that cost $75.00 no less, they think they are great shoes. Girls and guys these days are buying into the media of “stars” fashions, that somehow they think were invented now and it has been around for years. And they picky. Forget about getting a teenager into a used pair of jeans or shirt or shoes; it’s got to be right off the rack or no deal. Very secular, too, and no variety, a boy into skateboarding will only wear skaters designs, same for a girl, she will pick a style and stay with that for what seems like forever and no changing the tag name.
Kids emulate what they consider to be fashion, too, like the boys having their pants practically around their knees. That actually started in prisons, so how cool is that really? The girls wear shirts that show half their breasts. Neither one of these poor dress choices are prohibited in public school dress codes or in public.