There are a varity of moisture wicking fabrics available on the market. Most of these are polyester bledns that do a better job of wicking moisture away versus original cotton. The original moiture wicking fabric was created by Dupont and is called Coolmax. Other companies have developed other fabrics such as dri-release, Underarmour and dri-fit. There are many places where you can find these products on the web. offers a nice selection at a reasonable price.

Use of nanoparticles in moisture wicking clothing and other products for bacterial and related odour control is extremely controversial, has been likened to asbestos and could be a serious future health hazard. Please see, for example,

For safety it would be advisable to use moisture wicking clothing that does not incorporate nanoparticles into the technology.

The first paragraph above was obviously written as an advertisement for a particular online retailer. Caveat emptor. Do your own checking on the use of nanoparticles. No retail outlet will have a clue about this kind of issue.