“Our mission is to deliver an exciting, fresh and rapidly changing assortment of brand-name merchandise at excellent values to our customers. We define value as the combination of quality, fashion and price. With over 400 buyers and over 10,000 vendors worldwide and over 2,300 stores, we believe we are well positioned to continue accomplishing this goal. Our key strengths include:

expertise in off-price buying

substantial buying power

synergistic businesses with flexible business models

solid relationships with many manufacturers and other merchandise suppliers

deep organization with decades of experience in off-price retailing

inventory management systems and distribution networks specific to our off-price business model

financial strength and excellent credit rating

As an off-price retailer, we offer quality, name brand and designer family apparel and home fashions every day at substantial savings from comparable department and specialty store regular prices. We can offer these everyday savings as a result of our opportunistic buying strategies, disciplined inventory management, including rapid inventory turns, and low expense structure.”