“Networking means keeping close contacts with your customers; business partners; associates & peer group in your industry. Today, networking has become one of the key advantage in all industries. Networking helps you to get the desired information well in time. It also helps you to get through difficult customers compared to competitionwho is weak in networking. Effective networking makes you quite important & indispensable in your own organization.” – back up info!!

I have a very enriching experience in networking in my industry. I have personal details of more than 1500 key customers in my industry. I can reach them on phone as & when desired. Besides, I am known to almost all the who & Who peer group within my industry. This helps me to remain updated on all the latest developments happening in the industry. Networking has been one of the key success factors for me in my industry. It has taken me concious hard work for last 25 years to create my current networking position.

Anoop Bhargava