I bought my apple bottom jeans at Macys. But there are many places that i no that also sell them.1. Marshalls- they always say that they get them at my store but they sell out really quickly. u cant really find anything online.www.marshallsonline.com2. Underground Station- I hav seen them there but wasnt able to buy them at the time.www.undergroundstation.com3. Torrid- nvr been there but have seen there clothes online.www.torrid.com4. T.J. Maxx- nvr been there but many people say that’s where they get theirs.www.tjmaxx.com5. A.J. Wright- same as above.www.aj-wright.com6. Dillards- seen online.www.dillards.com7. Man Alive- the best selection at great prices! they hav the actual full jeans on sale for $30 wich is a great price for apple bottomswww.manalive.com8. Against All Odds- i seen them online also.www.aao-usa.com9. Dr. Jays- i found this store online and it originated in New York so you prob hav to live near a big city to find it.www.drjays.comThere are many more but i don’t no the names of the stores off the top of my head. but i would really recommend that you go to a man alive store and get them there if you want some. I found many of these stores on the internet and there are also many stores that are only online like sojones.com that also sell them. Also the official website is www.applebottoms.com. P.S. all the stores that are on the list you can walk in or buy online!I hope you find this very helpful!